Learner Assessment Record Copy

Your Learner Assessment Record has been created to support the assessment of your YMCA Awards Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga (Practitioner) 603/3617/1. It includes all the paperwork that you, your tutor and your assessor need to complete.

You will share the Learner Assessment Record with your tutor and assessor electronically. They will use the paperwork to assess you throughout your training. This document is an essential part of your assessment and should be kept safe. Your tutor will guide you as to which forms you need at particular times as well as how they should be used and completed. You can type straight on the document or make your own version using word.  If you decide to make your own you will need to add the following to the top of the first page of each piece of work:

Learners name:                       Learners Signature:                           Date:

Assessors Name: Assessors signature:                          Date:

IQA Name:                IQA Signature:                                  Date:

This helps us when it comes to signing off your work.